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Simple Mining does not offer tax or accounting services, check out our partner LCL Tax Team for their services related to Bitcoin Accounting & Advising.

Business Entity Formation

Explore the optimal structures for your Bitcoin ventures to maximize tax benefits.

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Mining in an IRA/ROTH IRA

Harness the power of tax-deferred growth by mining Bitcoin within your retirement account.

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Capital Gains Tax

Understand the tax implications of your Bitcoin sales and how to report them accurately.

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Bitcoin Taxes FAQ

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Anyone who files taxes whether it be for personal, business or both should be working with an accountant that knows how to navigate the IRS tax regulations and provide you with the best advice you need to remain compliant and save money on your taxes in the long run.

Our clients may schedule appointments on our website to have their tax returns prepared on the day of the appointment. The other option is to simply upload your tax files to our portal and in 2-4 weeks we will have that return completed and sent back for your review. The closer we get to April 15th, the longer the timeframe may be. You can email to request more information on how to begin working with our firm.

We have to read a lot of current events related to our industry as well as attend a minimum amount of courses so we satisfy nearly 40 hours of continuing education each year. Our team is well versed in a variety of areas to better serve our clients.

In order to start preparing a tax return, we would like to obtain a copy of your prior year tax filings and then we would want all W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098-int along with expenses so we can start preparing the current year filings. Our firm can send over a digital organizer to help you get started.

Filing your own taxes? Check out our Bitcoin Tax Course.

Uncover critical tax saving strategies related to Trading and Mining Bitcoin.

LCL Tax Team Services

Tax Estimate Planning

Strategize your financial year with accurate tax forecasts to optimize savings.

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Tax Return Preparation

Ensure compliance and maximize refunds with expertly prepared tax returns.

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Payroll Services

Streamline your business operations with efficient and compliant payroll management.

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Tax Document Organization

Simplify your tax process with organized and easily accessible financial documents.

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